My name is Dulce, Welcome to my kickstarter. 

I’m a certified yoga teacher and mother of 2 little ones from Cabo San Lucas .

I have designed beautiful yoga cards to help you deepen in your study or your practice  !!  With your help we can bring them to light .  

Om Yoga Cards are a visual portable guiding tool to help  you define the intention  of your practice and enhance your knowledge.  

You can create sequence classes, learn the name of the postures in English and sanskrit, understand the benefit of each posture and how it’s connected with our chakras.

Each card  will show a silhouette  with the  correct alignment and cue to help you flow on each pose the correct position ,  also on  the back of the cards are all the specific benefits of each pose.

It is a system specifically developed to practice yoga mindfully, finally disconnecting from everything.

They are aimed to make you find peace in Chaos in the simplest way possible through the practice of yoga and to bring the mat knowledge into our lives with beautiful affirmations on each card. 

I wanted to show YOU how each one of us is important and special.

Get rid of the stress of the day and immerse yourself into your practice at home or while traveling.

The way we connect our body to our soul and mind to make this world a better place by being your unique you! 

So don’t give up, breath and be you! 

They are made from 100% recycled  paper and are waterproof. 

The deck contains 56 cards with 6 colored categories;

  • Postures names in Sanskrit and English
  • Chakras related to each pose 
  • Beautiful affirmation that matches the Chakras
  • Drishti – where to gaze 
  • Alignment cues

The remaining cards contain information  on the 7 chakras, how to create a sequence, benefits on each pose, meditation card, breathing technique and sun salutation sequence.

Om Yoga Cards ARE aimed at teachers, beginners or anyone wanting to  improve their practise.

They are a great  gift or treat yourself  so with your help we can make these cards a reality.

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