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Gifts For The Yogi In Your Life - Including You!

Om Yoga Cards

Om Yoga Cards- Deck of 56 that you can use as a visual portable guiding tool to help you define the intention of your practice and enhance your Yoga knowledge.

They are made with love, detail, intention and knowledge.

Get rid of the stress of the day and immerse yourself into your practice at home or while traveling. Disconnect from everything and connect with yourself.

Who is it for?

Made for all! yoga enthusiasts, yoga teachers, certification students and practitioners.This beautiful deck contains 56 cards with 6 colored categories;

They are made from 100% recycled paper and are waterproof. (10×13.5cm/5.3×4”)

  • Postures names in Sanskrit and English
  • Chakras related to each pose
  • Beautiful affirmation that matches the Chakras
  • Drishti – where to gaze
  • Breathing technique
  • Meditation card
  • How to create a sequence
  • Alignment cues
  • Benefits from each pose

Affirmation Cards

30 day Positive affirmations / mantras can transform your thoughts so you can create the reality you want to create at your own pace and creativity



This beautiful custom designed affirmation deck has a 30 day affirmation that will help and enhance to create , maintain and boost a positive mindset , increase self esteem and reduce stress . And we are right here for you !

It comes in a beautiful velvet pouch

  • Add one in your planner as a reminder
  • Pin some to your inspiration board
  • Write down examples of how you enact that affirmation in your life
  • Make a wall collage with selected affirmations, and change – them every week
  • Choose a unique one each day, and rewrite it 10 times in different colors or styles
  • Stick one your mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say it aloud until it feels genuine
  • Stay tune for our weekly affirmation start the week with positive thoughts – online
  • Gift this set to that special person in your life to inspire and motivate their efforts


These awesome yoga shirts are the perfect solution for practicing yoga anywhere. You can wear them with pride and be confident in practice. They are soft and easy to breathe in, so you can be sure your training will be enjoyable.


Yoga leggings, inspired by Om yoga cards, are aimed to make your practice comfortable.       

Top esmeralda

They are soft and easy to breathe in, so you can be sure your training will be enjoyable.

Student Testimonials

”Practice of yoga asanas must be done with full awareness and proper alignment of each posture in order to benefit from the practice. 

Tamera is a truly experienced yoga teacher and she can help students to understand what yoga is about and how to practice safely with the right adjustment, so benefits will be achieved. She studied yoga from Indian teachers and learned the art of yoga from the very ancient roots. 

With the help of BAJA MOON om yoga cards everyone will be able to memorize names of postures in English and Sanskrit which helps to remember the benefits of postures. Right combinations of these cards can create many sequences for daily practices.”

Yogi Sandeep Semwal – Ph.D Sanskrit University of Uttarakhand.

We have used Baja Moon Yoga on a number of occasions for many years, for big groups (16) down to two people and they have been amazing! They always adjust the experience to the level of the group and make it fun for all!

They are on time and bring all of the mats for the group at the homes we rent or resorts. It is a must for every trip!!

Bob Ruth

Delightful yoga practice! I took one of Dulce’s outdoor group classes, with a mix of locals and visitors. She is a very welcoming and skilled instructor. I wish I lived here so I could return!

Hannah Lesk