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Om Yoga Cards- Deck of 56 that you can use as a visual portable guiding tool to help you define the intention of your practice and enhance your Yoga knowledge.

They are made with love, detail, intention and knowledge.

Get rid of the stress of the day and immerse yourself into your practice at home or while traveling. Disconnect from everything and connect with yourself.

Who is it for?

Made for all! yoga enthusiasts, yoga teachers, certification students and practitioners.

”Practice of yoga asanas must be done with full awareness and proper alignment of each posture in order to get benefit from the practice.

Tamera is a truly experienced yoga teacher and she can help students to understand what yoga is about and how to practice safely with the right adjustment, so benefits will be achieved. She studied yoga from Indian teachers and learned the art of yoga from the very ancient roots.

With the help of BAJA MOON om yoga cards everyone will be able to memorize names of postures in English and Sanskrit which helps to remember the benefits of postures. Right combinations of these cards can create many sequences for daily practices.”
Yogi Sandeep Semwal - Ph.D Sanskrit University of Uttarakhand.
Born in the lap of Himalaya, he lived in different Ashrams in north India and learned Yoga from himalayan masters since childhood. Master of yoga in traditional hatha, ashtanga, pranayama & meditation styles.

About - How can I use them? Or how do they work?

You can create sequence classes, learn the name of the postures in English and sanskrit, understand the benefit of each posture and how it’s connected with our chakras and where to gaze during a posture. You can be your own teacher!

Each card will show a silhouette and a picture with the correct alignments, cues to help you flow on each pose to get into the right posture “asana” to enhance the benefits of your practice.

What 's included?

This beautiful deck contains 56 cards with 6 colored categories;
They are made from 100% recycled paper and are waterproof. (10×13.5cm/5.3×4”)




“I cannot commend these cards enough. They are an amazing creation. A masterpiece that carries out all it promises on the tin. They have been invaluable in my practice and have enabled my clients to gain a deeper understanding of what they are being taught and for what purpose they are doing the poses. They teach alignment, English and Sanskrit names & the correct way to reach the final pose. If you believe in yoga and are following the yogic path, then these cards are a must have for you. Don't delay and purchase yours today. They also make a lovely gift for those who wish to purchase more for family and friends.”
Manju Sehved
Accounting, scout leader and 300 hr Yoga teacher in London,UK.
I love these cards, I feel identified with the wide range of information on each position, and this is because their graphics simulate real people & it helps me understand the benefits from each postures. Also, I feel that it is an incredible contribution that they have inspiring affirmations. I plan to use them so much in my personal practice & I love sharing with friends and family , even knowing they have different levels of practice "
Ana Cristina Velasco
Ana Cristina Velasco- Yoga & Pilates teacher.


About The Creator


Namaste !

My name is Dulce T. Carranza I’m a mother of two little ones who has lived in Baja South for over 11 years.

Like many people, my love for yoga started with the physical practice. I wanted to get stronger, a flexible body, and that’s what I got over time. After having children, I found that when she practiced, yoga made her feel alive, more energetic and fulfilled – “aware of my body”.

This only made me want more and it wasn’t long before yoga became part of my daily routine, part of my life!” I might have continued to be a lone student, practicing and studying behind closed doors, but it got to a point where I felt the need to share, and like one of my favorite saying goes: “If you don’t share it, the knowledge leaves you” – I had to share the transformational power of yoga.”

Dulce has completed a 200-hour YTT with the Institute of Vedic Science & Alternative Medicine, 200 hours with a school in the US. 300 hours in Mexico, and 100 hours with Swara Yoga. She also attends workshops when she can.

For me, learning is lifelong and teaching is my path. I know I’ve been really blessed. Not everyone has the time or resources for this amount of study and practice, but I truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to develop a meaningful yoga practice which goes way beyond the physical.”

The creation of the Om Yoga Cards is for you.. so you can create sequence classes, learn the names of the postures in English and Sanskrit, understand the benefit of each posture and how it’s connected with our chakras, and where to gaze during a posture. So Breath. Balance. Connect. Be Your Unique You!



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